Last updated January 2023

There’s no way around it, taking your email program from good to great costs money. But the good news is, spending more on an already profitable part of your business is the easiest way to get a return on your investment. 

You already know it works. Now supercharge it.  

The Peak Studio, can help you do just that. We take your boring corporate emails and turn them into relationship-building, value-driving, growth engine, super-duper, kick-ass newsletters. 

Here are three ways specific ways you will get a return on your investment. 

Reduce your lead acquisition costs

Our team knows from experience that the cost per lead for a newsletter sign-up is significantly less expensive than a booked demo or even a white paper download. 

Conditions need to be right at that exact moment for a prospect to engage in a buying-related action.  But, a newsletter promises value now and in the future. People are always open to getting smarter about their life, industry and career. Maybe not now but, soon. 

Build customer loyalty 

A really great newsletter is a tool to provide value for customers long before and long after they first use your product. When you work with The Peak Studio to transform your newsletter you’ll have readers eagerly waiting for it to land in their inbox. 

This translates to your customers seeing you as more than a product or service provider but as a trusted advisor. That’s a tough relationship to break. 

Increase Email List Conversions

This one is simple, once you build  meaningful relationships with a lead or customer the occasional sales pitch will be expected and welcome. 

You’re probably faced with the a tradeoff with your current email newsletter: each time you send an email you see your unsubscribes and deals lost tick up. 

Over time, once you supercharge your newsletter with The Peak Studio, each email you send will see your meetings booked and deals closed metrics rise.